Showcasing Your Clinic & Team

We will create a beautiful public profile on the Vensa platform to promote your services

No extra work
No maintenence
Free Forever
Practice Profile
Doctor/Nurse Profiles
Market your services
Patients will choose your
services when booking (eg: Flu Vaccines)
Simple setup, we will get you
up and running
Works alongside any patient portal
Integrates with TXT2Remind

Now vs Tomorrow with

Zero effort required to maintain
Vensa will take away the hassle of the appointment booking process
Patients book online in under 30 seconds

Manual Booking Process
1-2 min on the phone to book an appointment
Constant juggling of phone
calls and waiting patients
Always dealing with crazy periods of incoming calls (e.g. Monday mornings)
Phone system dropping calls
Vensa's Automatic Booking Process
More face to face time
Every booking gets you the updated patient contact details
Know the reason for patient visits
Allow patients to book during weekends (avoid losing $ with patients going to A&E unnecessarily)

How Does It Work

We care deeply about increasing access into General Practice,
Watch this short demo of the app in action.

To view full launch keynote, click here.

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Why is it free? Vensa has been deliberate in offering the service for free to accelerate more access into primary care (currently 27% of adults have an unmet need in accessing General Practice).

*Note: Any confirmation SMS messages will be sent via TXT2Remind. For current Vensa customers, these will be captured under your current message plan. For new Vensa customers, these will be charged at $0.15c + GST per message.